Though there are many amazing baseball reference sources available online, one of the most difficult things to keep track of in the professional baseball sphere is organizational transactions. The rules are complex, the frequency staggering, with many, particularly at the minor league levels, going unreported altogether, even by the organization itself. As a Colorado Rockies blogger at Purple Row, every time I needed to find transaction material for certain players, I would have to go on a widespread hunt for the correct information. If I found it, I often wasn’t even certain it was reliable. Indeed, the MLB transactions world is still difficult to navigate. With RockiesRoster, I am hoping it becomes just a little bit easier.

Before the 2010 season, I started a random fanpost on Purple Row. Entitled “Project Libra”, an homage on the information gathering attack from the Final Fantasy series, I used these posts to track the daily progression of the entire Colorado Rockies domestic organization, from the MLB team all the way down to what were then the Casper Ghosts. My goal was to not only allow myself to learn more about the inner workings of the organization (and learn I did), but to simply collect a variety of information that could be ascertained from other reference sources, and put the pieces together to give a more complete, accurate representation of each individual player currently in our system, from contract details to remaining free option years, and so forth.

After the 2010 season finished, I intended to continue Project Libra on Purple Row for following seasons. I was contacted by Tim Zappe, who had an intriguing proposition. He offered to build Libra into its own separate web project, with a functional database to ease the difficulties of keeping track of such a large amount of data relating to the Colorado Rockies system. As you may have guessed, that project became what you see here today at RockiesRoster, where we are continuing to help the Rockies community have easy and quick access to a wide variety of player and team information that is otherwise difficult to find.

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