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Players Found (1)
Player B/T Pos Service Level Age Options Contract Status
Kyle Newton R/R 3B -- N/A 26 3 Rule 5 Draft Eligible
Players Found (1)
Age: 26 B/T: R/R Pos: 3B
Service: --
Options Remaining: 3 (2017 Unused)
Options Used: Never optioned
Contract Status: Rule 5 Draft Eligible
Transactions (3)
Player Date Notes
Kyle Newton Jun‑25‑2012 Kyle Newton has been unassigned (Restricted List). 06‑25‑12 Kyle Newton has been unassigned (Restricted List).
Kyle Newton Jun‑17‑2012 Kyle Newton has been assigned to Grand Junction Rockies (RK). 06‑17‑12 Kyle Newton has been assigned to Grand Junction Rockies (RK).
Kyle Newton Jun‑15‑2012 Kyle Newton has been signed. 06‑15‑12 Kyle Newton has been signed.